2022 Winter Cohort Poster Presentations

Learn more about our Doctor of Social Sciences students’ emerging dissertation research below.

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Indigenous, Diversity Training, Perceptions of Elders in Criminal Justice, and Responsive Interventions: How Criminal Justice Organizations Respond to Diverse

Kelly Chahal

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Increasing Community Safety and Wellbeing Through Local Leadership

Bree Claude

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The Impact of a Leadership Mindfulness Intervention on the Normalization of Mental Health Discourse in the Ontario Provincial Police Workplace

Bobbie Dawson

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A Case Study of Cano Palma, Costa Rica Biological Field Station

Shelley Hutchinson

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Intersectionality of Creativity, Sustainability and Indigenous Knowledge

Cammie Jaquays

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The experience of the ageing female in the twenty-first century and how society views the natural process of ageing

Paula Kent

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Access to Higher Education Through the Duolingo English Test: A Case Study

Beth Konomoto

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Ascertaining the Protection Experiences of Refugee Women at Risk in Light of Social Protection Initiatives and Policies in Uganda

Dorothy Massa

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Honouring Our Journey: Engaging Community in a Good Way

Susan Mide Kiss

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The social, economic and cultural determinants of early childhood development in urban slums/vulnerable environments and what parenting skills will support positive parent-child attachment

Asifa Nurani

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Leveraging Unlikely Collaborators for Gender Equity:  The Clean Energy, Food Systems, and Unpaid Care Work Nexus in Sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America

Cathy Sturgeon