2023 Winter Cohort Poster Presentations

Learn more about our Doctor of Social Sciences students’ emerging dissertation research below.

click to play Maryleen Enebeli-presentation

Theory and Practice of Regenerative Sustainability in Tackling Climate Change: Community Resilience in Focus

Maryleen Enebeli 

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click to play video Peter Huizinga presentation

Safe to Engage: the Relationship Between Successful E-government Projects and the Willingness of Front-Line Government Staff to Identify Poor Decisions and Engage in Creative Problem Solving

Peter Huizinga

Emmanuel Ndumu 2023
click to play Emmanuel Ndumu presentation

How does the Perception of Organizational Politics Relate to Employee Turnover Intentions, and to What Extent can Strategies Focused on Enhancing Social Capital and Reducing the Centralization of Power Mitigate these Intentions?

Emmanuel Ndumu

click to play Bill Sparling presentation

Inclusion in Disaster Risk Reduction for Persons with Autism

Bill Sparling

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click to play Sonya Singhal presentation

Exploring how Change Leaders can Enhance the Knowledge Workforce’s Ethical Adoption of Generative AI

Sonya Singhal

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click to view Cynthia Wenn's Poster Presentation

​Designing Chaos: Disaster Exercises as Complex Adaptive Systems

Cynthia Wenn