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Design Thinking Educators’ Conference

Design thinking in entrepreneurship education

Mar 6 | 10:15 AM

Location: TBA

Design thinking offers a powerful lens for aspiring entrepreneurs, and is an increasingly common component of entrepreneurship education. Yet, there is substantial variance in how design thinking is integrated into curricula and how the framework is applied to new venture creation. In this presentation, I will share insights from an ongoing study of undergraduate entrepreneurship education at US colleges and universities, including a) patterns in how design thinking is taught and integrated into entrepreneurship curricula, and b) best practices and clever ideas for doing so. The goal of the session is to share the “state of the art” regarding the integration DT in entrepreneurship curricula and to provide a forum for sharing best practices. In doing so, it will help equip educators and attendees to integrate DT into their own entrepreneurship classes, as well as to highlight useful ways that existing DT curricula and exercises can be extended to better equip students to become entrepreneurs.

Session Speaker:

Douglas Hannah