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Design Thinking Educators’ Conference

Future by Design: Using DT to Create a Learner-Driven Course on Computational Thinking (CT)

Mar 6 | 10:15 AM

Location: Zoom Room 2

Online, interdisciplinary courses addressing global competencies such as problem solving using computational thinking must meet the needs of a diversity of learners.  Designing a course with the learner at the centre of consideration requires feedback from learners and continuous, formative assessment in response to discussion, learning, and questions. In contrast to this need for continuous development is the traditional instructional design of online courses that post-secondary institutions often employ which require course designers to complete course development before ever meeting their learners. This research will present the results of a self-study using dynamic research methodology to evaluate the process and outcomes of designing an online course in collaboration with instructional designers, technology developers, and learners using a design thinking framework. Data includes field notes from the course designer and instructional developers; artifacts from the course including the syllabus and course content; open-ended responses from learners; and, learner outcomes, i.e., assignments, discussion posts, questions, chats, etc. Highlights of the presentation will set the course development and outcomes in a design thinking format and include a template for participants to apply to future course development.

Session Speaker:

Julie Mueller