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Design Thinking Educators’ Conference

How to leverage Mural for Design Thinking in the virtual classroom

Mar 6 | 10:15 PM

Location: Zoom Room 2

In design thinking visualisation is used at every stage of the process. In early stages it can be used to capture and make sense of user insights, and later it can be used to develop and make concepts and ideas tangible. In this session, participants will be shown how Mural – a visual collaboration tool – was used to facilitate the integration of design thinking into an online marketing class. Opportunities and challenges of using this digital tool to enable students to “think like designers” while collaborating synchronously and asynchronously in teams to solve problems facing a real-life client will be shared. Session participants will be encouraged to share their own virtual-based approaches to supporting students’ visual work while “doing” design thinking.

Session Speaker:

Ingrid Kajzermitchell