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Design Thinking Educators’ Conference

It Can Be Done: Delivering a Design Thinking Course in Asynchronous Online Model

Mar 6 | 12:00 PM

Location: Zoom Room 2

As design thinking is a practice typically conducted by teams, course design has centered the importance of face-to-face activity in lab-like settings. The practices of instructors at a program such as the Stanford D-School would epitomize this approach. As higher education instruction pivoted to online learning in response to the pandemic, design thinking educators needed to find ways to teach in a digital space. In this session you will learn not only how design thinking can be taught online, but how it can be done in an asynchronous mode where interaction between students is limited and only at a distance. The presenter will provide examples of how to structure an asynchronous online design thinking course that is based on scaffolded learning, featuring assignments that introduce students to key design thinking concepts and practices. Ideally, design thinking would always be preferable to teach in person. As higher education increasingly shifts to hybrid and asynchronous online learning models, particularly to suit adult learners, you will see it is possible to design a design thinking course for online delivery.

Session Speaker:

Stephen Bell