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Design Thinking Educators’ Conference

Teaching design to non-designers: how one business school is transforming learners into leaders

Mar 6 | 12:00 PM

Location: Zoom Room 1

This session addresses the tension between methods-focused instruction and mindset-shifting facilitation. Although Design thinking is intended to build a design mindset, it is most often associated with and taught exclusively through design methods or techniques. Focusing on methods suggests anyone with a technical skill can impact a product, service or policy. As design-thinking educators, we have a responsibility to focus on shifting mindsets while carefully teaching how-to methods. We need to encourage and enable a learner’s self-awareness of their current thinking mode, in order for them to see and experience new ways to see, sense and sensemake, to ultimately transform. You will learn how to integrate thinking strategies with practical frameworks and techniques, through a combination of mini-case examples, interactive exercises and active reflection. You will appreciate how Canada’s top ranked b.school teaches design thinking and doing in the virtual classrooms and executive boardrooms.

Session Speaker:

Angèle Beausoleil

Rotman School of Business
(University of Toronto)