SPARC Canadian Author Addendum

Use an author addendum to negotiate the retention of rights you need for the published work.

The SPARC Canadian Author Addendum  is a legal instrument that reflects copyright law in Canada and supports authors in retaining select rights (e.g. right to reproduce, reuse, redistribute, etc.).  Click here for information on how to use the SPARC Canadian Author Addendum.

Note that the addition of an addendum, while it may be rejected, can still support you in gaining more/alternative rights, so it’s useful to attach an addendum to your contract where possible.

What happens if the publisher rejects your addendum?

Here’s what typically happens when you use an author addendum:

1. Author receives copyright transfer demanding all rights with no retained rights for author
2. Author responds with author’s addendum
3. Publisher rejects addendum but replies with an alternative contract granting more rights