Avoid predatory publishers and conferences

Predatory publishers charge extremely high article processing fees without conducting any editing or peer-review work, often targeting new, inexperienced authors. Journals owned by such publishers can either be subscription-based or open access, although the latter is more common.

Similarly, predatory conferences solicit researchers to submit papers and presentations to conferences that are organized for the sole reason of making a profit. These conferences usually do not peer-review submissions and the conference may not even take place.

When you’re evaluating a journal or conference, make sure that the goal of the publication or conference is to share high-quality research which advances scholarship versus solely to make a profit.  

If you receive an unsolicited request to submit your research to a journal or conference from an unfamiliar source, proceed with caution and ask the library for assistance.  

How to assess a publisher or conference:


Choose a trustworthy journal for your research. Think. Check. Submit.: