Should you publish open access?

Questions to consider when deciding if you should choose subscription-based or open access publishing:

  • What kind of open access (gold or green) do you want for your work?
  • Does your funder/institution have an open policy whose requirements you need to consider?
  • Are your co-authors bound by any open access requirements?
  • Does your preferred publisher provide the open access options you need?
  • If you choose gold OA, what is the article publication charge and where might you get funding?
  • If you choose a subscription-based journal, what is the publisher’s embargo period (if any) for self-archiving (green OA)?
  • What is the copyright/license policy of the publisher? How can the work be reused or adapted?
  • Does your publisher meet your standards for quality?
  • Is the journal (OA or non-OA) read by scholars in your research area(s)?