Why should I get an ORCID?

  • ORCID is becoming increasingly required in research workflows.

Many publishers and research funding organisations have mandated researchers to use their ORCID in their manuscript submission and grant application systems. Seventy-five percent of ORCID registrations occur in response to a journal or funding organisation requirement to include ORCID in a new submission (ORCID, 2016), so if you don’t already have one, you’ll need to get one

  • ORCID promotes your identity as a scholar.

ORCID helps to ensure your works, awards and affiliations are correctly attributed to you, especially if your name is potentially similar to other researchers. ORCID stays with your scholarly identity over your research career.

  • ORCID increases your research visibility.

ORCID supports over 30 different types of scholarly output, so you can import all of your works to your ORCID record. Display your ORCID on your scholarly documents and profiles to communicate and promote your research and scholarly accomplishments, and receive credit for your work.

  • ORCID provides you with total control over your record.

You can choose which of your works are connected and the visibility settings (public- everyone, private- no one, or trusted organisations). You can also choose different privacy settings for different areas of your ORCID record.

  • ORCID saves you time.

ORCID collects your publications and other outputs, and aggregates metrics from across several information systems so that you can receive author-level metrics for your scholarly outputs.