Top scholarly networking profiles

Google Scholar
A Google Scholar profile provides you with a way to display your publications in one place, while also tracking citation metrics. Information is presented in a clear way with graphs and a browseable list of publications. It’s a free way to promote yourself and increases your presence in Google Scholar search results.

A social networking site for researchers and scholars. Supportive of the culture of sharing positive and negative research results in order to further advance fields of study.

A free social and professional networking site. It functions to share research and monitor impact. You can also use it to follow other researchers in your field and stay in the know.

A citation manager with added features of social networking. You can build a profile and associate yourself with your research and publications. It’s also possible to upload your own content through Mendeley and make it available for viewing.

ImpactStory increase your research visibility by showing how your research is impactful with achievements, activity, and publications — and includes altmetrics. ​ImpactStory uses your ORCiD profile to automatically populate the ImpactStory profile. This is great profile for students and early career researchers to have.