Why track your research impact?

Tracking your research impact supports you in understanding the quality of your research and scholarly output and is useful when considering career development and seeking funding for research grants.

Altmetrics are one way of measuring and assessing the impact of research through considering the many ways that researchers share and discuss their work.

Altmetric data has the potential to capture:

  • Online or non-traditional attention to research (such as shares, likes, downloads, views, retweets, comments, and more)/li>
  • Engagement with research
  • Mentions of research in public policy
  • Research collaborators
  • Others conducting similar research
  • Data that complements traditional bibliometric measures (Citations and the h-index are important, but people share stories in many ways and we are starting to count them)

There are a variety of alternative metrics available to help you track engagement with your work. These can include bookmarks, citations, clicks, comments, downloads, favourites, likes, mentions, reviews, shares, tweets and views.

You can find metrics:

  • on profile and publication pages e.g. ResearchGate, PLOS One
  • via aggregators such as Altmetric, Plum and ImpactStory