Fight Against Financial Crime

The Royal Roads Library Showcase is pleased to host Dr. Mark Lokanan’s digital exhibit, Fight Against Financial Crime starting November 16. The exhibit features Dr. Lokanan’s research over the last decade focusing on connecting accounting and criminology, and securities fraud and money laundering in the BC real estate sector. Dr. Lokanan and his team hope to inform people, many of whom are vulnerable to fraud, about ways to protect themselves and their investments.

The site features Dr. Lokanan and his team’s published works and upcoming projects, as well as interactive and multimedia elements to introduce visitors to the concepts of financial crime and investment fraud. For more information about Dr. Lokanan’s research, please contact him here. The Fight Against Financial Crime exhibit is hosted through the RRU Library Showcase. For more information about Showcase, please contact

Exhibit dates:  November 2020 (Online)

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Cover image: “Financial crime” by Needpix is licensed under CC-BY (Public Domain).