Pride in Research

The Office of the Vice-Provost, Graduate and Interdisciplinary Studies, Diversity Advisory Group, Research Services, and the Library curated “Pride in Research”, a special exhibit of Royal Roads University master’s thesis and doctoral dissertation research on topics involving LGBTQI2S+ people and communities.

Eleven research projects are featured in this exhibit, each on their own coloured panel. Each panel either reflects one colour of the updated Pride flag which includes brown and black stripes to represent persons of colour, or the Trans flag which includes light pink, light blue and white stripes to signify traditional colours for baby boys, baby girls, and neutral gender, intersex or transitioning individuals (Azizi, 2018).

In addition to the work showcased here, the master’s thesis of Annie Morin (2018, MA Intercultural and International Communication), which consists of a short documentary titled I Am Max: A Story of Self-Advocacy and Empowerment, is also available for viewing in the Library Showcase screening room. To explore research on these and other topics by RRU students and faculty, please access our institutional repository, VIURRSpace.

Azizi, J. (2018, August 10). UBC adds black and brown stripes, changes name of Pride installation following feedback. Retrieved from

Showcase Photos: (Photo copyright held by RRU Library)

VIURRSpace Pride in Research projects:

  1. Blinch, A. (2018). But who’s the man? Representations of sexuality and the feminist potential of orange is the new black.
  2. Brown, W. (2013). Out of many one people: telling the stories of Jamaican gay men and their move to Canada.
  3. Couto, J. L. (2014). Covered in blue: police culture and LGBT police officers in the province of Ontario.
  4. Ferguson, K. (2018). Seeking transparency: teachers’ understanding of transgender youth within school district # 42 Maple Ridge/Pitt Meadows.
  5. Horne, M. (2008). Safe and Proud: How Can Ottawa Schools be Safer and More Empowering for GLBT Youth? ProQuest.
  6. McCluskey, M. K. (2017). Digital dating in Kelowna, BC: examining how women experience online dating in a small, Canadian city.
  7. Mellett, C. J. (2003). An engaged dialogue regarding the changing environment of rights, obligations and relationships in the settlement of property and family conflicts of lesbians in Halifax (Nova Scotia).
  8. Perreault, Y. (2007). The Presence of Absence: The Effect of HIV Sero-status on the Bereavement Experiences of Long-term Survivors of Multiple AIDS-related Losses. ProQuest.
  9. Savage, R. M. (2019). The experience of older gay men living in non-metropolitan British Columbia.
  10. Tang, S. (2007). Gay and lesbian international students. ProQuest.
  11. Tarasiuk, R. (2017). Gender, participation, and environmental decision-making: case study of the proposed Jumbo Glacier Resort (Doctoral dissertation, Royal Roads University (Canada).

Exhibit dates:  June 2019 – July 2019

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