Module 4 – Decolonizing Research Methods and Participatory Engagement

Why we should use a decolonised approach to research?

While we should acknowledge that there are multiple sites where the struggle against oppression and exploitation might be taken up, Indigenous peoples must set the agenda for change themselves, not simply react to an agenda that has been laid out for us by others. (Smith, 2000, p. 210)

Explore what Decolonizing Research means:

What are the principles of Indigenous Research and Worldviews?

  1. Everyone has knowledge
  2. There are many ways of knowing
  3. Knowledge is collaboratively generated, not individually 
  4. Relationships are paramount (Relational Accountability = non-extractive)
  5. Research is Ceremony (Wilson, 2008)

Consider the difference between YPAR and Decolonizing Research



Where can we find out more?

Smith, Tina Piulia DeCouto, Ashley Carvill (2018-2019). Balancing Worldviews: Climate Change Solutions in Canada’s North Chloe Dragon