Congratulations – you have found your way into the WordPress site for IICS 605, Public Culture (in the Time of COVID), for Spring 2021. 

This course is being taught by Dr. Wendy Leeds-Hurwitz, through the Master of Arts in Intercultural and International Communication (MAIIC) at Royal Roads University, Victoria, BC, Canada.

For this course, each student in our cohort picked an institution of their choice that best represents a facet of public culture: public space, public memory, public art, or public event.

If you visit our “Results” page and then “Public Culture Examples“, you will find each student’s example. Here are the quick links to each one below (in alphabetical order).

Next, under “Synthesis“, you will find a summary of these results with a focus on some institutions’ best practices.
Last but not least, please follow us on our social media channels: Instagram and Facebook. There, we will share more information about each student’s institution of choice. We hope to see you there.
Thank you, and enjoy!
– Carli, Fernanda, Madison, and Monica