Research for display in the RRU Library Showcase is collaboratively selected by the RRU Library and the RRU Research Advisory Committee. Guidance for approval and management of research displays and events held in the Showcase are provided below.

Eligible contributors: RRU core faculty are welcome to contact the Library to have their research considered for a Showcase display.

Eligible formats: Print, 3D, and digital formats (including video) are welcome. Items displayed in Showcase should be research-based to align with the research and educational focus of Showcase.

Content curation: Please contact Cassandra Larose (Scholarly Communications librarian) to discuss content curation details.

Copyright considerations: Copyright permissions must be obtained for any research items displayed in Showcase. All images © 2017-2022 Royal Roads University. For more information, please contact the Library.

Space allocations: The Showcase space is located on the stacks level of the RRU Library. The Showcase space includes two walls of the building set up for hanging displays and four standing, foldable wall panels which can be deployed to create additional space to mount material vertically. Two iPads and a separate screening room with a touchscreen TV are available to display digital research items. Tables and chairs should remain in Showcase so that the Showcase space can continue to function as a work/study space for library users, with the idea of augmenting that space into one that inspires our students. The areas in front of the fire extinguisher and stacks aisle must remain unobstructed to maintain necessary access and egress.

Installing/uninstalling:  Displays are installed and uninstalled by the contributor in collaboration with RRU Library staff. The RRU Library will provide hanging hardware (e.g. hooks, tape) for the wall tracks and standing panels. If applicable, research items must have hanging hardware affixed by the contributor.

Display period: Generally, research items are displayed in Showcase for six to eight weeks. When possible, the RRU Library will make every effort to connect the display period with relevant on-campus residencies. The duration of the display period can be adjusted if needed; please discuss with the RRU Library.

Continuity: Research items should remain on display for the entire display period. If a research item is needed for another purpose during the display period, please discuss with the RRU Library.

Events: The RRU Library welcomes events related to the Showcase display. Audio-visual elements related to the current Showcase display will only be included if they do not negatively impinge on the surrounding work/study space for RRU students, staff, and faculty. For more information, please contact the Library.

Promotion: Social media and news announcements in print and/or digital form may be created from research items displayed in Showcase. RRU Library may also archive photographs and miscellany related to Showcase displays in VIURRSpace, RRU’s institutional repository.

Sales: RRU Library will not charge a fee to display or view research items in Showcase. Research items displayed in Showcase will not be sold on Library premises and the Library will not be involved in any transactions for the sale of any research item(s).

Damage: Library staff make every effort to maintain the display and prevent damage to research items throughout the display period. As the RRU Library is a public work/study space, the Library is not responsible for any damage or loss that may occur to research items while being displayed in the RRU Library Showcase. Contributors use Showcase to display research items at their own risk.