About Us

The Diversity Action Group (DAG) is made up students, faculty and staff of Royal Roads University and together the group envisions a community in which human rights are respected, equity and inclusion are embedded in all areas of academic, non-academic work and university life.

DAG conducts community consultation on the Diversity Statement every three years and makes recommendations for changes as appropriate.

DAG is recognized  and supported by the Royal Roads University Executive and reports to the President, through the vice-President , Academic and Provost.

DAG is open to all members of the University Community.

Meetings normally occur once every month, The Committee elects a Chair by its own process. The Committee is free to set its own process and may add meetings or invite guests at its discretion. Budgetary oversight is by the Associate Vice President (AVP), Student and Academic Services. Logistical support is provided by student services.

The elected Chair or designate convenes the group and coordinates its meetings and its work, assigning administrative resources in consultation with the AVP, Student and Academic Services.