Original Poetry Exhibit 2019

The Diversity Action Group is pleased to present original poems submitted in recognition of the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, which is observed annually on March 21. Poems below are written by RRU students, staff, faculty, and alumni.

Exhibit locations

Poems will be read and shared at the exhibit on March 21, 2019 at 11:00 a.m.–noon:

  • Online via BlueJeans
  • Face-to-face gathering in Library Pond 3 for listening and viewing only

 Let’s use our voices and make a strong statement to eliminate all forms of discrimination!

“Pity the Racist, it is Us”

Author: Brian MD, RRU Student

I have heard the alarm, I have rang the bell
To warn those good people who are afraid like me
I have so much to lose, I know not what it could be.
Why should I change, what must I learn
Is there something lesser about me?
What if I can’t, what if I am replaced
I don’t know their intent, I cannot see.
But surely, I must know their minds, I must know their kind
Because they are different than me.

Senses of discrimination

Author: Sophia Palahicky, RRU Staff & Associate Faculty

Watch with me. Our actions bequeath reasons to,
See with me. The subtle expressions that thrive as you,
View with me. Living places for unity’s dew.

Say with me. Our words bestow questions to,
Speak with me. The vibrant utterance that lingers as you,
Shout with me. Living souls exclaim “no more” in lieu.

Listen with me. Our voices impart values to,
Stay quiet with me. The resounding exclamation that declares as you,
Hear with me. Living voices bid exclusion adieu.

Feel with me. Our expressions expend flame to,
Hurt with me. The hatred dissipates when you,
Crave with me. Living spaces for inclusion anew.

Retention of Importance

Author: James, RRU Student

There’s a tortured soul by officer, authority and crown,
Hounded by medical dogs and colluding goons, seeing
Chastisement, patient-blame, and non-compliance.
Records shared, commander demanding, privacy obscenity,
Justified and correctified, as matching prejudgment.

We own your mind and this tome of notes! The worst of a nurse.
The wretch, a witchy curse, smoking, lurching, belching, burping.
The most improbable ilk, impervious to guilt, an ignorant bunch.
Scathing reports, gullible gossip, wrought discrimination,

Awards a sentence to the patient; you are human error.
Warping minds discover diagnosis, proudly proclaiming prognosis.
A wicked wizard, at his behest, dictates death upon the afflicted.
The corrupted, powerfully delirious, judge the alleged addicted.

Oh ye mighty authority, sneering lip, sunken face.
A colossal wreck you reap, you disgraceful sheep.
Self-awarding, self-promoting, generals gloating.
Strategic nothing, optics fussing, abuse of authority.
We retain this colossal, Canadian wreck.


Author: P.J. Kent, RRU Student

How can it be the colour?
How can it be gender?
How can it be age?
How can it be sex?
That determines our worth.

Why can’t it be thoughts?
Why can’t it be actions?
Why can’t it be values?
Why can’t it be character?
That defines our being.

What will it take to change the world?
What will it take to stop the hatred?
What will it take to remove the judgement?
Which keeps the ignorance alive.

Who must act?
Who must question their own beliefs?
Who must stand up and take a stand?
The questions are many, the answer is one.

It is me.

A Diverse Palette is Our Peace

Authors: MAGL (2020), RRU Students

Once within the grave of time
Begins a story of unimaginable crime
Shaking, shaking hearts combine
Peacefully marching, shoulders braced against apartheid
Causing no evil-committing no crime
Yet one by one they fall, then die
At the jaws of lions, filled with pride

The Golden Rule not apply
When discrimination distinctly denies
and disunifies

So despite our differences deliver us from evil
Stop this hate rising, history repeating
Words wield the flail
Of a lashing tail
With silence, complicit silence, suffocating
Drums of Peace, THUNDER
Bow for Sharpeville, stand side by side
Mothers, fathers, brothers, wives
Stand together from different sides
To love them (us) because of our differences
Together, slowly, purposefully, streets are lined
Shaking, shaking, hearts collide
Voices question the senseless dying:
A world without difference would be boring, undefined!
When can we move forward? When can we align?
Can we celebrate, not alienate?

Slowly, slowly colours of peace align
Shaking, shaking, hearts unwind
Delightful diversity in all our minds

There are no Others

Author: Krista Hiddema, RRU Student

There are no Others.

Not by Size nor Strength.

Not by Colour nor Weight.

Not by Place nor Mate.

Not by Age nor Creed.

Not by Skill nor Wealth.

Not by Body nor Health.

Not by Feather nor Skin.

There are no Others.

There is only We.

Story of Colors

Author: Kishinchand Poornima Wasdani, RRU Student & Research Assistant

Hey brown hey black hey white
What are you-a name, a country or a war?
Should you be -loved, hated, or denied?

Neither am I a name nor a shame!
I am just a shade like any other grade
Draw me, paint me, color me
Don’t nail me as an inhuman dame

Use me to express not to exploit
Use me to play not to ploy
Use me to spread joy not to spur fear
I bring joy, fun and entertainment

Why give me a face or a skin when am a phase of rainbow?
Am nature, nurture me! Am a color, blush me
Am vast don’t waste me! Am a brush don’t gun me…

Don’t make me racial or radical,
I plead let me be me…


Peace Is Come Together

Author: Ozmosis, RRU Alumnus

We are

impossible pieces

come together

from fecund, frozen universes

above and all around

we emerge, gently


each a path unknown

and familiar

we let go, tumble, soar

then land

and find a collective, connected

not like us, like us

joined together at our journey’s end

fused in muffled and warm embrace

where peace is

come together.