Arianna Bhagwansingh

Arianna Bhagwansingh is the Director of Finance at Toronto North Support Services, a government funded healthcare organization. As a member of the management team, she is responsible for executing strategic initiatives set by the Board of Directors while ensuring compliance and accountability with the agency’s funders and partners. Bhagwansingh also serve on the Board of Directors of a community based charity for over a decade where she acted as Treasurer and chaired the Audit Finance Committee.

Bhagwansingh’s doctoral research aims to support organizational sustainability in knowledge economies. In such economies, the strength of an organization’s talent or its human capital is key to innovation, producing knowledge assets and creating competitive advantage. Academic studies have shown that human capital disclosure signals stability and credibility and is useful information to stakeholders. Within the context of Ontario’s healthcare sector, undergoing a reorganization, she will examine human capital disclosure and the extent to which it influences stakeholders’ decision making process. The findings may benefit organizations in attracting talent, investors, funders, or integration partners through the level and quality of human capital disclosure as they navigate in competitive and rapidly changing knowledge economies.

Bhagwansingh earned a Bachelor of Science from the University of Toronto (1998), a Master of Business Administration from York University (2001) and holds the Chartered Professional Accountant designation (CPA, CMA) (2009).

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